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San Francisco Health Service System

October is Open Enrollment Month. Be sure to read all the materials that were sent to you by our Health Service System. Based on that you should be able to pick which plan is best suitable for you.

The HSS is looking into the possibility of having more than two Health Plans to choose from. Making this problematic is Medicare and how much they will pay.

If you have any questions, contact the HSS website or phone 415-1750 or 1-800-541-2266


San Francisco Retirement Board (SFERS)

For the month of September SFERS Trust gained 0.46%. For the fiscal year to date SFERS is at 0.85%

As pointed out by SFERS CIO a key to investment returns this fiscal year is likely to be how much political decisions in Washington D.C. impact the economy

Even so SFERS Fund stands at $26.4 Billion which equates to approx… 92% funded which ranks SFERS in the top 4% of our Nation’s small retirement systems.


Protect Our Benefits Board

Due to timelines in place we are targeting November of 2020 to place a proposed measure on the City ballot to restore retirement benefits to City employees who retired prior to November 1996 and had their retirement benefits impacted through legal maneuvering.

The proposed ballot measure, if enacted, will resolve this issue and bring a final conclusion to this issue without further litigation or expense.


           Remember, ‘UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL”


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From the Executive Board of Protect Our Benefits

Protect Our Benefits is an organization whose goals are to enhance the dignity and quality of life of all San Francisco City and County retirees and preserve their health and retirement benefits. The opinions are those of the writer.