Protect Our Benefits is an organization whose goals are to enhance the dignity and quality of life of all San Francisco City and County retirees and preserve their health and retirement benefits. The opinions are those of the writer.

The opinions are those of the writer.

CCSF V. SFERS (pre-1996)

As of Oct. 11, 2018, a court date has not been scheduled. Part of the delay may be due to the case being transferred from Division 4 to Division 1.

The good news is that our POB website is up and running, and we will inform you as soon as a court date is scheduled.

Health Service System

Oct. 1–31 was the health benefit open enrollment period for your 2019 health coverage plan, and the time for you to make any changes, or to add or drop any dependents. Don’t let the flu get you down. Get your free flu shot. Remember that if you’re over 65, you’re at greater risk. Information will be forthcoming regarding the expansion of in-patient skilled nursing provided by our health care plans. POB remains vigilant in assuring that providers live up to their commitments. Once again, if any problems arise make sure that HSS is aware of them. At the recent meeting of POB, a question came up about dementia care. The committee will look into HSS policy for this medical condition.

SFERS Retirement Board

SFERS will be updating their strategies to address climate risk, including the divestment of fossils fuels. Climate change is not only an environmental and social issue, but also an economic issue. The challenge to SFERS is in developing strategies that address climate risk without impacting their fiduciary responsibilities to those they serve. We understand that this is a very challenging endeavor, and any strategy SFERS implements will be scrutinized minutely. POB believes that SFERS is up to the challenge.

Protect Our Benefits

As I mentioned before, we at POB are really excited about POB’s new website (along with Facebook). The website is quite informative, and also features POB’s history and past accomplishments. Sign up for the email list, and see if you don’t agree. POB Communication’s Committee is to be congratulated for instituting the website. Thier hard work and due diligence are primarily responsible for its success. Thank you, Communication’s Committee! Our new website address is

Also, your contributions are greatly appreciated and are now tax deductible.

Please mail them to Protect Our Benefits Trust, P.O. Box 210250, San Francisco, Ca 94121-0250.Remember: “United we stand; divided we fall.”

By Skip McKinney