Our Mission at Protect Our Benefits

Protect Our Benefits (POB) is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health and pension benefits of the nearly 36,000 San Francisco City & County retirees and surviving spouses in the San Francisco Health Service System (HSS) and the San Francisco Employees Retirement System (SFERS). We work to strengthen alliances with groups that already share POB’s objectives and to establish new relationships with other groups and individuals who have similar objectives. We are committed to taking the legal and political actions necessary to achieve our goals. Our 7,000 supporters and contributors have one common goal: to protect and enhance the health and retirement benefits we have earned during out years of dedicated service.

Meet Our Founder

Nancy Gin

Nancy Gin, pioneering activist, San Francisco city worker, and one of the founders of Protect Our Benefits, cared passionately about her fellow workers. She wanted city retirees to live a dignified retirement. Honor Nancy’s legacy and all retirees by supporting POB’s ongoing efforts to protect our earned benefits.

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Participate with Protect Our Benefits

If you are a retiree or beneficiary of the City and County of San Francisco and would like to participate with Protect Our Benefits, please e-mail us at Participate@protectourbenefits.org. Be sure to let us know where you reside and what you are interested in doing. Since POB is an all-volunteer group, please allow a few days for us to respond.