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San Francisco Health Service System

On the matter of The Request for Proposal (RFP) for additional providers has been put off to probably December of 2020. This is to ensure that all the items will be worked out and that the best plans and cost will be offered to you.


San Francisco Retirement Board (SFERS)

In the month of October SFERS Trust gained 1.02%. For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019 SFERS has recorded a return of 1.92%

As stated by the SFERS CIO investment returns this fiscal year will depend on many factors such as job growth and corporate profits as well as marked geopolitical events such as trade tensions with China.

POB believes SFERS is up to the challenge this current market environment presents and will continue being ranked in the top 4% of small public pensions systems.

The term of one of the three elected members of the Retirement Board will expire on February 20, 2020. POB offers all prospective candidates an opportunity to appear before the board.

The incumbent Brain Stansbury was the only candidate. He is automatically re-appointed for another 5 years. Thus, saving the City money because of no need for an election. Congratulations to Brian!!!


Protect Our Benefits Board

As you can see the Holiday Season is quickly approaching and we at POB want to wish you and yours HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!


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From the Executive Board of Protect Our Benefits

Protect Our Benefits is an organization whose goals are to enhance the dignity and quality of life of all San Francisco City and County retirees and preserve their health and retirement benefits. The opinions are those of the writer.