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Well, there has been a ruling on the California Supreme Court level, the case involved Cal-Fire Local 2881 vs. CalPERS on the issue of buying “air-time”. The Court ruled against Cal-Fire, as it stands now a lost for labor. Remember the case that Gov. Brown took a special interest in, he’s was hoping to do an end- around on the “California Rule”. Luckily, the State Supreme Court didn’t see it that way and ruled accordingly. But rest assured they’ll try another way on other court cases involving pensions. Now we might see movement on the other cases involving pensions. POB will be monitoring.

Health Service System

HSS is negotiating on rates and benefits and we should know in good time where we stand on our health benefits and cost. Remember you are your best advocate about your health, any problems or complaints please direct them to HSS. If you are contemplating any type of cataracts surgery, please check both procedures laser and regular way, expense and recovery. HSS is going to have elections for the 2 open seats on it’s Board. As of this writing, we had two candidates running, incumbent Karen Breslin running for re-election and Chris Channing running for the open seat. POB Board voted to endorse both candidates.

SFERS Retirement Board

The fund is holding its own in these uncertain times. The market goes up and goes down, and POB believes SFERS has the pieces in place to protect against any major calamity.

The Mayor has made a move on the personnel of the SFERS Trustees. The Mayor has replaced Wendy Paskin- Jordan with Scott Heldfond.

Wendy has been on the SFERS Board for ten years, she has the respect an admiration of her colleagues, POB, and retirees. Her experience and expertise joined, with her other Trustees to lead SFERS through the financial crisis of 2008. SFERS now ranks in the top 1% of similar size public pensions. Wendy Peskin-Jordan will always have our sincere thanks in always putting the Fund, The City, and CCSF Retirees first. She will be missed. POB wishes her the best in all of her future endeavors.

Protect Our Benefits

POB is always looking for fresh faces to help us move forward especially in the areas of communications, especially our multi-media outreach platforms, or other areas where you feel you can help POB become even stronger. Feel free to contact us or stop by our monthly meetings if you are a CCSF retiree, or you’re close to retiring held on 2nd. Monday of the month at 11:00 AM at Taraval Police Station 24thAve. Like us on Facebook and follow our postings on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook, ask your family members or friends who are to support POB’s advocacy. 


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By Skip McKinney

Protect Our Benefits is an organization whose goals are to enhance the dignity and quality of life of all San Francisco City and County retirees and preserve their health and retirement benefits. The opinions are those of the writer.