Once again our advocacy paid off with our Health Service System. At its February 8 meeting, the SFHSS Board voted to continue to allow remote public comment. Your emails made a difference. Without remote public comment senior participation would have been eliminated. Thanks to all who send many emails asking for Remote Public Comment to be continued.  Your voices were clearly heard.

Other important issues were discussed as well.

  • SFHSS has put out a Request for Proposal Medicare Advantage PPO plan for the 2025 plan year. Currently there is a Blackout period from Nov. 9, 2023 until June 2024 where no trustees is allowed to have any contact with potential bidders for health care services. This also applies to the SFHHS Annual Rates and Benefits process for the 2025 plan year.
  • The Health Service Board election for two member seats will occur in May 2024. It looks like there will be a contested election. We will keep you informed.
  • Trustees discussed the 2024-2025/2025-2026 budget.  Human Resources added 4 new recruit-for-staff positions.  The turnover rate at SFHSS is declining.
  • SFHSS completed a 10 County survey to compare health rate with the neighboring 10 counties. They also executed 2024-2026 agreement with Delta Dental (DeltaCare).